The Daniel Boone High School MCJROTC Drill Team.

The Daniel Boone High School Marine Corps JROTC drill team has performed competitively since the unit's commissioning in 1972. Dedication to teammates, school, and community is a prerequisite as team members routinely perform in school events, parades, and other ceremonial commitments throughout the year.

The team will be guided this year by seasoned commanders with a proven record of success and by new leaders who are eager to continue building upon the command's reputation as one of the finest drill units in the Southeastern United States. This year's commander is Cadet . Individual unit commanders include:

Cadet - Color Guard

Cadet - Color Guard

Cadet - Color Guard

Cadet - Platoon Armed

Cadet - 1st Year Unarmed Squad

Cadet - Armed Squad

Cadet - Unarmed Squad

Cadet 2nd Lt. James Hawkins - Unarmed Platoon

Cadet - 1st Year Armed Squad